December 09, 2017

GeoStamp is an industry tool currently being used by all entities operating in the supply chain industry. The truck Mobility data that GeoStamp uses has been featured in the Journal of Commerce (JOC) and has most recently been used by Transport Topics to illustrate the increased performance of Southern California Ports despite the increase in processed shipping container volume. GeoStamp's turn time analytics are used in conjunction with other organizations, like trucking companies to review their performance at specific container terminals. The Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) is the primary beneficiary of this turn time study and their members are the proprietors of the project and its success'.

Since its inception, GeoStamp has been utilized by the Port of Los Angeles, The Port of Long Beach, The Port of Oakland, the Journal of Commerce, Transport Topics, The Harbor Trucking Association, The California Energy Commission, LA Metro, Yusen Terminals, APM Terminals, Eagle Marine Services, and many others. It has provided irrefutable and clear data to the various operations that exist within the supply chain fueling the United States economy. GeoStamp has helped monitor and reduce turn times for trucking companies as well, allowing businesses to flourish with powerful data that has given voice to trucking companies facing congestion issues in today's working world. As always, GeoStamp is designed to be an industry tool for everyone. We feel that our data is important to the industry in which we exist and we are excited to help allow for the increased reliability of business in a tumultuous and complex environment. Please see our latest mention here

Walker Banks