December 27, 2017

GeoStamp Expands with Port of Oakland Partnership Pilot

GeoStamp is expanding its operations more extensively into the Oakland area by entering into a pilot partnership with the Port of Oakland. Through this partnership, GeoStamp hopes to connect with more of the west coast transportation and logistics industry to provide integral and important turn time information to ports, terminals, associations, and trucking companies. In addition to expanding our Oakland presence, GeoStamp is also looking to expand into the Seattle/Tacoma area. Soon, we hope to be the defacto data provider for all turn time calculations, transportation related facilities and organizations. GeoStamp is achieving its goals through its partnership with the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA). The HTA has been a vital partner in expanding the truck mobility program to all of the major ports on the west coast. Even more recently, GeoStamp garnished a lot of positive attention at the JOC conference in the New York area where Weston LaBar of the HTA spoke on our behalf. GeoStamp as an industry tool, is now currently being used by all entities operating in the supply chain industry.

Our hope at GeoStamp is to continue our growth in a positive way with our many partners in the industry. We feel our Truck Mobility Data is important to industry professionals and we are eager to spread awareness about the things GeoStamp can do to help transportation and logistics firm accomplish their goals. With 2018 coming to a close, GeoStamp has a lot of potential on the horizon to not only change the current dynamic and rhetoric surround turn and wait times in congested areas that trucks conduct operations, but to also engage with new industries that could benefit from the Harbor Trucking Association's Truck Mobility Data powered by GeoStamp. If interested in partnerships or learning more about what we have coming up; please don't hesitate to reach out. We're full of passion and enthusiasm for what we do! Please see our latest mention in Transport Topics here .

Walker Banks