GeoStamp and TPM

March 08, 2018

GeoStamp Wraps up Second TPM

GeoStamp has wrapped up its second successful TPM conference in Long Beach, California. This was the 18th annual TPM conference hosted by the Journal of Commerce and second consecutive time being hosted in the City of Long Beach. At TPM, GeoStamp was able to meet with industry leaders and businesses operating within the greater supply chain. TPM serves those operating within the supply chain marketplace by bringing speakers together for dynamic panels on technology, congestion, operations, and legislation.

TPM is also important as it brings together individuals from different segments of the industry, enabling for conversations surrounding operational improvements and allowing for vital networking. GeoStamp took advantage of TPM by meeting with current and potential partners including Profit Tools, The Northwest Seaport Alliance, The Port of Long Beach, The Port of Los Angeles, numerous trucking companies, and various associations.

Perhaps the most interesting panel for GeoStamp was the Wednesday technology forum, titled: Preparing The Port of Los Angeles GE Transportation Information Portal for Prime Time. The development of the GE portal will allow for multiple technology firms to coordinate with one another to reduce trucking congestion experienced at the Greater San Pedro Bay Complex. GeoStamp hopes to work together with GE to leverage the Truck Mobility Data that GeoStamp is built on.

Walker Banks