GeoStamp Dray Tech Event

Wednesday July, 2018

GeoStamp Wraps up Second Dray Tech Event

Last week, GeoStamp attended the Harbor Trucking Associations second annual Dray Tech event, where supply chain industry leaders gather once a year to see a showcase of new technologies being worked on to improve upon inefficiencies in Drayage. The showroom floor was sold out and packed with GeoStamp technology partners like Trinium Technologies, Profit Tools, Envio 360, and GE Transportation. In addition, GeoStamp business development partners like the Port of Long Beach, Port of Oakland, Yusen Terminals, Port of Los Angeles, and others were present observing the displays.

Events like these prove that GeoStamp is important to improving congestion trends in the Port Facilities as industry stakeholders mention the significance of GeoStamp data. For example, there were five breakout sessions – all from GeoStamp solutions partners – that displayed or mentioned the use of our data within their engine. In short, GeoStamp’s data has become widely accepted as the defacto industry standard for measuring wait time and congestion trends.

The all-day event was capped in the evening with a panel of our users and industry leaders. Eric Napralla, Chief Wharfinger from the Port of Oakland, Dustin Stoker, Chief Operations Officer at the Northwest Seaport Alliance, Gene Seroka, Executive Director at the Port of Los Angeles, and a representative from the Port of Long Beach. Throughout the course of the panel discussion, the members took questions from the audience and explained how they use technology to operate and modernize their respective Ports – all mentioned GeoStamp.

The event was powerful for us here at GeoStamp as it proved that we are imbedded in a volatile and important industry, but also widely used and depended upon. The Harbor Trucking Association never fails to host a wonderful event and you can bet we will be back next year from Dray Tech 3.0.