GeoStamp FAQ

  1. How long does GeoStamp keep historical data for?
    Currently, GeoStamp will keep historic data for as long as the user has a subscription.

  2. How does GeoStamp capture its GPS information?
    GeoStamp collects data in one of two ways. GeoStamp will either integrate with a GPS provider via API web services call or will have individual drivers download and use a free and custom GeoStamp mobile application that turns a mobile device into a GPS unit.

  3. What is the cost of GeoStamp?
    GeoStamp charges a fee each month per truck. This fee is based on the total fleet size.

  4. How is the fleet of vehicles and number of drivers managed?
    GeoStamp will auto-query net new vehicles and drivers from a GPS provider, but the fleet is typically managed with minimal manual process’ by the user.

  5. What type of phone is compatible with the app?
    Any smart phone that utilizes Android or iOS built after 2014 is capable with the GeoStamp mobile application.

  6. What is real-time data?
    Real time data refers to data collection and presentation that is occurring in the present or in 'Real Time.'

  7. When do I turn the app on?
    Drivers are recommended to turn on their GeoStamp mobile app when they begin work each day and are also recommended to check their application periodically throughout the day to ensure the application is still operational and on.

  8. When do I turn off the app?
    GeoStamp recommends that drivers leave the application on until the end of the work day and when drivers have completed all their transactions throughout the day.

  9. What TMS System can GeoStamp integrate with?
    GeoStamp can integrate with any TMS system, homegrown or other at the cost of time and materials. Currently, Geostamp is integrated with Truck Mate, Trinium, and Profit tools; among two other proprietary systems.

  10. How is integration achieved with the TMS system?
    Either through an API web services or an FTP comma separated file.

  11. How often is new data populated in GeoStamp?
    GeoStamp has the capability to update the system and populate it with new information every 5 minutes.

  12. How do I add a driver?
    A driver can be added by visiting the driver list and selecting add driver.

  13. How do I add a vehicle?
    A vehicle can be added by visiting the driver list and selecting add vehicle.

  14. Can GeoStamp users add in custom geofences?
    Yes, GeoStamp users may add an unlimited number of custom geofences by visiting the tracts tab and selecting add tract.