Driven by Data

GeoStamp has been built from the ground up, through conversations with seasoned Drayage providers, experienced with the unique needs of the industry. Your fleet efficiency is optimized at the terminals, which increases the number of moves transacted. By providing your operations team diverse views, GeoStamp delivers the ability to isolate any areas needing your immediate attention. Since it operates exclusively from the cloud, it requires minimal to no management for you and your team.

Integration Services

GPS/ Supported GPS Vendors

GeoStamp supports integration with GPS providers to bring you reporting on terminal turn time averages and individual moves in real time. This allows for the creation of move reports that could be used to invoice customers.

Supported GPD Vendors are:


GeoStamp supports integration with dispatch solutions to enrich the quality of move reports. With dispatch integration, you could see the container number, leg type, and other relevant customer information that allows for seamless billing and reduced manual processes.

Supported Dispatch Vendors are:

Product Offerings

Turn Time Reporting

GeoStamp offers detailed and integrated reports on terminal and customer location moves completed by trucks and drivers. These reports allow for GeoStamp users to see the breakdown of queue time, terminal time, and total overall durations. These reports grow increasingly complex when tracking time spent at customs windows, chassis pits, and trouble windows. GeoStamp’s primary function is to provide turn time reports that allow for seamless invoicing.

Real Time Terminal/Port Performance

GeoStamp provides real time and historic reports on terminal and port performance. Through individual and independent moves, GeoStamp collects aggregate data that allows for the planning and implementation surrounding turn time averages. Based on predictions and GeoStamp aggregate reports, drayage providers are able to choose the fastest terminals, therefore increasing the amount of total transactions.

Driver Performance Reporting

Through completed moves, GeoStamp also pairs truck with driver, either through an integrated GPS provider or the GeoStamp mobile application. This allows for the interaction with driver performance and lets you to see individual driver averages over a shift, day, week, month or year. GeoStamp enables users to rank drivers based on average turn times for completed moves.

Customer Analytics

GeoStamp offers rich and detailed customer analytics that allow users to see their performance at various delivery and pick-up locations for specific customers. The customer analytics tabs offer dynamic views of customer specific information and allow for important conversations around planning, improvising, and strategic architecture. The customers of GeoStamp users no longer have to rely on physical tickets or verbal validation. GeoStamp reports are irrefutable and offer the ability to optimize moves.

Aggregate Analytics

GeoStamp compiles all of its individual moves from drivers and vehicles and pools them together in a methodical display that allows for aggregate performance review. Similar to terminal and port performance, these aggregate analytics tabs include details on the percentage of moves over two hours, averages of queue times, and overall turn times associated with given locations.

Bread Crumb Reports

GeoStamp’s breadcrumb reports are compiled by combining GPS data and dispatch data to show the path iteration the driver took through the terminal and where he/she was at during a given time period. The breadcrumb reports are also inclusive of queue time, time spent in a customs window, and are quickly transitioned into PDF.

Our Benefits



within specific environments
leads to improved efficiencies

Fleet Assignments

based on terminal
turn times

Historical Data

to customers as they negotiate
with their transportation providers


Improved Efficiencies

of your operations team leading to
minimal manual processes

Verifiable Turn Times

within a specific port, terminal
or pickup location

Dispatch & Invoicing Integration

for a fully automated system